52 Real Life Negotiation Cases

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“This is one of the best negotiation books I have ever encountered - if not THE best!”

 Hugh Griffiths, CEO, Inzpire  Ltd.

“Excellent toolkit of tactics you might use, or that might be used on you.”

 – Nab Kalsi, Sales Director, Blue Core Ltd.

“Does what it says on the tin… highly recommended.”

 – Richard J Summerfield, Group HR Director, JT (Jersey Telecom)

“Practical, pragmatic experiences of real negotiators, what they faced, how they tackled the situation, the results (good or bad), and what they themselves learned… top stuff!”

 – Nick Cole, Serial Entrepreneur

“So refreshing and insightful to discover a negotiation book that goes way beyond theory and uncovers potent and compelling lessons from real life.”

 – Mike Jones, Practice Director, RAIN Group and Insight Selling

“Jon Lavelle's outstanding book, with its 'bite-sized' structure, is a 'must-read' for anyone, regardless of how many years' negotiating you have - keep it on your desk at all times.”

 – Alan MacNiven, Senior Contract and Purchasing Manager, Rabobank 


                      5 Stars on grey March                            294 pages of cases + 50 page comprehensive negotiation glossary


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Learning lessons and insights from 52 real life business and personal negotiation cases will enable you to:

- Negotiate great deals

- Avoid common pitfalls

- Have confidence in dealing with any negotiation situation you face

- Plan an approach that’s likely to give you the results you want

- Make or save you lots of money

- Have fun in the process!

Three-times published author Jon Lavelle takes a subject that relates to us all, whether in business or our personal lives, and by recounting 52 real-life situations, he enables the reader to truly become immersed and engaged in this fascinating subject.

As a result of learning from 52 real life situations you will equip yourself with hundreds of principles, tactics and strategies to ensure that in any negotiation, you not only come out on top, but you enjoy the process and have fun along the way.


Cases 53, 54, 55 and 58 (not in the book) are available free for download - click the images below...


Case 53 - Reputational Damage


Green Creature




Case 54 - Beware Making Hasty Assumptions


Man On Train




Case 55 - See You In Court!


Court Case 2



Case 58 - Who's to Blame?


Blame 2 compressed



To download the book's Introduction, plus free sample cases please click the links below

Icon 52 Real Life Negotiation Cases INTRODUCTIONIcon Negotiating From Rock BottomIcon Powerless to NegotiateIcon Red Herring


All orders placed via this site qualify for 10% discount off the  cover price of £16.99, a free bookmark & free postage and packing (within the UK)

If you are based outside of the UK please do not use the Buy Now button but instead email us for shipping rates