Negotiation Toolkits

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In today’s time-poor environment you're probably looking for quick, effective pragmatic solutions.

Maybe you don’t have time to attend training courses, do comprehensive research, explore theories of negotiation or read lots of books.

Our sister company, ‘Manager Toolkits Ltd.’ designs, and prints handy A6 sized personal productivity, management, strategic and negotiation skills toolkits that can save you hundreds of hours of research, reading and unproductive effort.

Each toolkit contains only the very best practical advice about what works in the real world of negotiation - all the waffle and twaddle is cut out!  

You can explore these further by clicking to watch the short video above, and on each of the images below to explore their contents in more detail.





The practical application of many of these concepts, and more, can be discovered in the 52 Real-Life Negotiation Cases book via the tab at the top of this page.