Negotiation Workshops

Do not confuse these inspiring events with ‘ordinary’ training 



We do NOT use PowerPoint or other 1-way presentations - we inspire, engage, involve and facilitate realistic case scenarios.

We do NOT use big bulky manuals - we use practical toolkits which encourage the immediate application of knowledge to real life. 

If this makes you recall in horror please click away now! 

-  Our workshops are inspirational, pragmatic and highly interactive learning events

-  The value we add far outstrips the investment you will make as we provide the highest quality, most impactful training you will find in the market today

-  We work with international audiences, across cultures and continents, mostly with mid to senior-level negotiating professionals

-  We work with teams in procurement, sales, business development and key account management

-  Our team of seasoned facilitators each have a minimum of 25 years experience of negotiating themselves in commercial situations, plus training and coaching others to do so

-  Typically, two seasoned negotiation experts will work with a team of 12 people (maximum) over an intense 2-day period

-  We use a range of real life commercial cases, multiple rounds of team preparation and negotiations, followed by individual and team feedback to reinforced best practice, eliminate bad practice and aid further development

-  Our participants repeatedly tell us that this immersive experience is realistic, engaging, intense, valuable and at times... exhausting!  We like to think this is a good sign that we've 'put them through their paces!'

-  We also use video recording and feedback at the client's request - AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE


Nego Montage


Typically, during a 2-day workshop:

- 15% of time will be spent on delivering core content

-  25% on group exercises, whole team and sub-goup discussions and sharing participants' real-life negotiation experiences

-  60% of time will be devoted to case study preparation, planning, execution, feedback, review and preparing for the next negotiation round

It works! 

What doesn't work (in our experience) is being lectured at for 2 days by someone who has not lived in the cut and thrust of the real commercial negotiation world, but has probably spent most of their life as an academic telling other people how they should do their jobs!

OK - rant over!

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